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“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” ~John W. Gardner

Every day we have opportunities to strive for excellence.  Whether it be at home, at work, at school etc.  Before you begin a task, you’re faced with a choice.. Do I do this to the best of my ability, or do I do just what I need to get it done?  This is a choice I face with each new project or assignment I’m given in the Web Developer program.  I know that I can just rush through an assignment and get it done faster, but I’m not going to school just to get a certification – I’m here to learn!  I know that if I take the time to really give something my best effort I will not only produce work with a higher quality, but the benefit of experience from the extra time and effort will help me absorb the information I’m learning and be able to draw from it as needed in the future.

You have to commit to a lifetime of learning in web development and that can be very difficult if excellence isn’t a priority for you.  It’s not just about exhibiting excellence in the presence of your peers, it’s about knowing that you put forth your best efforts and can be proud of your accomplishments.