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Respect in Web Design

There is new talent joining the world of web design and development every day, so how do you stand out from the crowd and keep clients coming back to you vs. someone else?


You gain respect with both clients and others in your field by keeping on top of the latest technology and standards and producing work that you can stand behind.  But – it’s not all about gaining respect by impressing others with tech talk and fancy websites… It’s also about showing respect for others.  You need to establish yourself as the expert in the field, but not at the expense of discounting what your client or a colleague has to offer.  Not respecting the experience and input of a fellow designer can prevent you from learning invaluable information or tools of the trade that might help you land that next big project.  Not respecting the opinions, desires or input from a client can cost you lots of money in lost contracts!

There’s another aspect to the topic of respect that deserves mentioning:

As web designers and developers, we represent our field through our interactions with others, our portfolios, blog posts, etc.  Always be mindful of whether or not your actions will gain respect for the field or hurt it’s reputation.  Individuals and companies are always looking for ways to save money and many think one option for doing so is creating their own websites, or finding someone who will do it for a nominal fee.  I’m a member of a local and state photography organization that emphasizes the importance of gaining respect for your knowledge and skills and showing clients why investing in your talents is a smart choice.  By believing in what you do and taking pride in your work, you gain the respect of your existing and potential clients and add worth to your product.  If every web designer and developer applied this to their work imagine the effect it would have on our industry!

More on this topic: You Are Not a Robot by Jonathan Kahn is a great article from A List Apart about the perception many have of web designers and how we can improve respect for our field.

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  1. very well put

    March 9, 2011 at 3:46 am

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