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Journey into WDD

Here I am, entering a new chapter in my life with unlimited opportunities ahead of me. That unlimited potential is mirrored in the worldwide community that has emerged on the internet – what an exciting outlet at our disposal! I entered a web design and development program a week ago, hoping to learn a skill that I could take out into the world and use to provide for myself and my children. What I have come to realize, is there is so much more to this field than I ever realized. The amount of information you must absorb can be intimidating, but the challenge of learning all there is to learn will be an adventure! (and considering the ever-evolving state of the web – that adventure will continue well into the future!) I love that you can take the information and skills you learn about web design and apply them to a career with another company or choose to take an entrepreneurial approach and create any number of web-based businesses. You can also help others market their ideas/products and help them become more successful. With web design/development I can incorporate my creativity and interpersonal skills into a career path that has many outlets. I know my biggest challenge is going to be efficiency, and I hope that the further along I get in this course, the more efficient I will become. Meeting project deadlines is crucial in this field and I am interested to see how I adapt to the faster pace! Life’s challenges are the best lessons!

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